Hello, I'm William McKenzie and I'm proud of how well I'm doing at making friends in my new school. So far I'm up to one real friend (Simon), a sort of semi-mate, who’s really a friend of his, (Neil) and a person I sort of hang around with but to be honest I think is a dickhead (Jay Cartwright).

Acceptance isn't all, I know that, but it is a nice thing and I understand it will take time. I could do with it taking a bit less time, but there you go.

My interests are legion (it means many) and various. Books, roller-coasters and girls all feature highly and I'm hoping that I can meet a girl who enjoys these things. I haven’t met many so far, but here’s hoping.

I live with my mum who is separated from my father. My friends like to come round to stare at her because they believe, mistakenly, that she is fit. She isn't, she's like a mum.

I intend to have a career in politics or the media after I've attended one of the top universities in the country (maybe Durham) and travelled a bit. I’d like to go to Australia really as I'm quite a fan of the New Zealand pop group “Crowded House”. They are a bit old these days (although they did release a new album last year) but I think their breed of pop is timeless.

I have a wide musical taste though and am also into a new band called ‘bedtime for toys’. They have influences that range from punk to pop, their lyrics are intense and poetic, but mainly I like them because I fancy the singer.”

— Will McKenzie, Profile