Mrs. Cartwright
  • Mrs. Cartwright in 'Caravan Club'.

Portrayed By:

Victoria Willing

First Appearance:

Caravan Club

Last Appearance:

The Inbetweeners Movie

Mrs. Cartwright is a minor character. She is Jay's mother and Terry Cartwright's wife. She often unwittingly interrupts Jay while he is doing things in private, such as masturbating or looking at his fake ID.

Personality Edit

Mrs Cartwright comes across as a caring and level headed person. Upon catching Jay masturbating at the start of the 'Inbetweeners Movie', she doesn't seem phased by this, suggesting that she has walked in on him numerous times and is used to his behaviour. The same is true regarding her husband's repusive mannerisms. In the episode 'Caravan Club', she is not taken aback by the loud farting and other vulgar noises made by Terry in the caravan toilet, or by the horrible stench which engulfs the caravan after he opens the door. It is very possible that she was highly embarassed by her husband's conduct but chose not to express it.

Also, in the episode 'Will Is Home Alone', she doesn't seem to react when Terry swears and is rude to his son.