Mark Donovan
  • Mark in 'The Gig And The Girlfriend'.

Portrayed By:

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

First Appearance:

First Day

Last Appearance

The Inbetweeners Movie

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Hair Colour


Social Standing


Other Names Donovan (Known By), Prick (Will), School Psycho, Nutter

Mark Donovan is a reccuring character and the primary antagonist of the series.

Synopsis Edit

Donovan is the resident school psycho. He bullies his way through the new and the weak kids and is the on-off boyfriend of the most popular girl at school, Charlotte Hinchcliffe. Charlotte is inconceivably attracted to Will, a bittersweet triumph that puts him on a collision course with Donovan.


Donovan is the school bully, who often picks on Will. This is partly because he caught Will kissing his ex-girlfriend Charlotte. 

Donovan is somewhat sensitive, ensuring that Will is "gentle" with Charlotte and becoming violent towards exchange student Patrice when he is caught in bed with her.

He is the typical bully, who is polite and friendly in front of parents or teachers, but is otherwise a thug. When he reveals his sensitive side to Will, he threatens him with death if he speaks of it. He appears to be less hostile, but by no means friendly, towards Jay, Simon or Neil.

In Series 3, it is revealed that Mark smokes cannabis. Jay and Neil attempt to buy some off him upon learning of this, only for him to take the money and sarcastically give them tea granules wrapped in cling film.

The Inbetweeners MovieEdit

Donovan reappears in the film, after Mr. Gilbert's speech, where he says goodbye to the lads, whom he calls the "bender squad". He then proceeds to give Will an extremely painful wedgie, until Carli tells him to stop. In the deleted scenes, the wedgie is done so hard the underwear used for the wedgie is torn off of Will. This shows Donovan's strength, something he uses against the boys as well as his threatening appearence.